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Indaux Cisne 45
Drawer Channel


Pink Cabinets

Different technologies to enjoy the daily use of the furniture. Indaux has a wide range of drawer slides to suit any project. Light guides, partial or full extension, completely concealed, for various loads, or equipped with INDAmatic soft-close or the IMPULSE opening system.

Telescopic Channels are mounted on the sides of the drawer and run on ball bearing slides. With a weight carrying capacity of up to 45 Kg and a soft closing option available, this system is a very popular choice for adding functionality to kitchens.


This technology is widely accepted in India, and it is usually used in combination with SS Wired baskets for an affordable way of adding modern features to any kitchen. Telescopic Channels are also lower in price compared to Hettich , making them a cost effective option to improve the functionality of a modern home. The side mount might be considered a disadvantage as it doesn't look as refined as other systems.


With so many technical advantages and an impressive lifetime warranty, this Indaux system is a wonderful choice for any property. In addition, it is also very easy to install, and thanks to the release lever, any drawer can be replaced quickly by simply detaching it from the runner.


Telescopic Channels are available in two finishes:

  • Zinc

  • Black

In coastal areas with high moisture, like Mumbai or Chennai, we would suggest using the black finish, as it will resist rusting with no visible signs of moisture damage over the years.