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A guide to decorating in a Marathi style

Maharashtra, the land of Marathas, is a vibrant state located in the western region of India. Marathi interior design is known for its simplicity, elegance, and a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. It reflects the diverse culture and lifestyle of Maharashtra. If you are looking to decorate your home with a Marathi touch, here is a complete guide that will help you achieve the desired look.

1. Colour scheme: The Marathi interior design is dominated by earthy tones, such as browns, beiges, and greys, and sometimes accented with bold colours like red, green, and blue. These colours are reflective of the natural surroundings and have a soothing effect on the eyes.

2. Furniture: Marathi homes are usually spacious, and the furniture is minimalistic, made of wood or cane. Beds are often low-lying and made of wood with intricate carvings. Comfortable seating with cushions is an essential element of Marathi homes.

3. Wall decor: The walls are adorned with intricate paintings, murals, or sculptures, reflecting Marathi culture and heritage. These art pieces add charm and depth to the decor.

4. Flooring: The flooring is usually made of red oxide, which is a natural and durable material. The use of rugs and carpets with traditional patterns adds warmth to the room.

5. Lighting: Marathi homes have a minimalistic approach to lighting. The use of lanterns, oil lamps, and candles adds to the ambiance and creates a cozy and warm atmosphere.

6. Accessories: Marathi homes have a rich heritage of handicrafts and textiles. Incorporating traditional textiles like Paithani, Maheshwari, and Pochampally into your decor can add a touch of authenticity to your space. Brass and copper utensils and pots, along with traditional paintings and wall hangings, can be used to accessorize your space.

In conclusion, Marathi interior design is a beautiful blend of simplicity, elegance, and tradition. Incorporating the above elements can help you achieve a warm, welcoming, and authentic Marathi-style home.


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