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Indaux US, at the National Sales Meeting of Häfele América

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

On January 5 Häfele America held its Sales Meeting in Greenboro, North Carolina. It is a biannual internal fair in which the brand brings together all its sales managers in the United States and puts them in contact with their main suppliers, to make their product better known and contribute to the growth of the Häfele business.

Despite having only been working with Häfele America for a year, Indaux has participated in this exclusive event for the first time. “We have been working hard for a year to teach Häfele our ability as a product developer and supplier of solutions for its clients in the United States. At the fair there has been much interest from the sellers to know our product in Europe and the one that we can develop for the American market. We are very satisfied“, explains Pablo Arratibel, Head of subsidiaries of Indaux, who attended the fair accompanied by Werner Bosch, Vice President of Indaux US.

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